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About Eat SMART

We are a healthy food kitchen that prepares healthy, well-planned meals to fit your nutritional needs, making them suitable for following a healthy diet to lose or gain weight or to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

eat SMART provides healthy and tasty meals prepared by a specialized team in healthy cooking, including dedicated chefs with experience in five-star hotels that work under the supervision of nutritionists to meet everyone's nutritional needs.

eat SMART prepares healthy and delicious meals that are low-fat, low-calories rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals which are planned, personalized and portion controlled. No artificial sweeteners or preservatives are used when preparing our meals.

All meals are prepared using ICS Interactive Cooking System

HEART GREEN is the latest technology in cooking the different types of food in a healthy method that makes meals rich in vitamins, minerals even crispy without adding oils.

eat SMART is specialized in cooking using fresh vegetables , and some of our meals component are Gluten free.

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Why we are different?

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